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A wonderful tourism of Labor union activities to XIANGSHAN

      2017/6/30      view:
    A wonderful tourism of Labor union activities to XIANGSHAN

    In early summer season,  with the high sky and fresh air.  In order to enrich the cultural life of our employees and have a good relaxing out of busy work to back nature for physical and mental pleasure. During the Mayday holiday, our labor union organizing more than forty of our employees together to XiangShan county ,shipu town ,huaao island and xiangshan studio city for a three day tourism activity.

    Xiangshan studio city is one of top ten studio bases in china, Chinese scenic spot of AAAA degree, Chinese charm scenic spot, and the best destination for tourism and holiday, Also awarded for the title of first batch of most featured and attractive tourism destination from Asian golden travel awards.

    Huaao island is mainly for its natural landscape, Always have the title of fairy country on the sea and world yinzhou city, with high steep and many rock columns, named as stone forest, Rocks standing high and tall, or leaning horizontal servant, especially for its marine erosion landscape is a unique feature of southeast china. The magnificent myriad column cliff, Lin fairy island, miracle caves, grand big Buddha head mountain, the mysterious figure of great man, peculiar big and small hills, bright and colorful cobblestone overspread on the qingshuiao rock patch, with elegant and beautiful environment. Moreover the ruins of Zhangcang fighting with troops on sea has  added some vicissitudes feeling of history.

    The ancient city shipu is built along the mountain, according the mountains and neighboring the sea, known as the "city on the harbor, the mountain in the city". oneside is connected with the fishing port, the other side is deeply hidden in the mountain valley, and the walls is built up and down along the mountains’ landform , the gate’ structure is built with the original nature shape, the high control port is the main feature of “strategic town of sea defense ,Shipu ancient city majestic”. The old house was built on steps, and the streets and lanes were picked up. It was winding and twisting, quite with characteristics of mountain city.

    After the activity, all of us said that this trip has eased the working stress, enhancing the friendship of colleagues, and also leave us a beautiful and unforgettable memory.